One Promise. One Amazing Plant.


One Promise. One Amazing Plant.


Unna, which means “one” in Latin, is on a mission to demystify the world of hemp one plant a time.

Unna Goods is determined to set the record straight about the power, versatility and sustainability of hemp. Not only is hemp capable of producing everything from medicine to biodegradable textiles and food, but it’s also one of the most powerful crops for cleaning soil, sequestering soil and ultimately, saving the planet.

Unna Goods is dedicated to producing only the highest quality hemp products grown in the USA in order to better the health of all people and our planet.

Unna Goods is changing the way we heal and the way we

live by transforming the way we think about hemp.

Like many people, our Founder, Brad Gruno, was skeptical at first – after all, hemp had its legitimacy dismissed for decades.

So, he did his research, educated himself on the science behind this controversial commodity and broke through the fads and the fictions. He sought to discover the next chapter in the promise he made 10 years ago: To bring a happy and healthy lifestyle to others by creating the purest and highest quality products.

Unna Goods. Unna Goods is born out of that promise, and delivers a wide range of superior hemp lifestyle products. Unna Goods: Leveraging the benefits of hemp to bring you wholeness and balance. As we usher hemp into the 21st century, we do so with purpose, developing hemp-derived products to improve people’s lives while simultaneously reducing waste.

From relieving stress and anxiety, to adding valuable nutrition and rethinking what you wear, Unna Goods has an entire suite of products that utilizes the whole hemp plant and offers you the path to a happy and healthy hemp lifestyle.

Our Guiding Principles: Education, Community, Transparency

Education: While we will continue to learn, innovate, and expand our knowledge of hemp, Unna Goods is committed to empowering people by delivering the truth about this historically misunderstood plant, by debunking the myths and misconceptions and focusing, instead, on the wide-ranging benefits of hemp.

Community: Unna Goods uses only domestically-sourced hemp, grown in the heart of Kentucky, contributing to the revitalization of the Bluegrass State. But Unna Goods goes beyond being locally sourced in the United States. We help our communities by giving back to our veterans in need. They fought for us, so we fight for them, by giving a portion of our proceeds to Veteran groups and PTSD research.

Transparency: Unna Goods is dedicated to absolute transparency. We will always be honest and open about our ingredients, our processing methods, and our third party lab results for all Unna Goods products. We’ll show you when our product was manufactured, which farm grew it, and everything in between.

Grown in the USA

All Unna Goods products are proudly grown and made in the USA. We are committed to using only the highest quality hemp ingredients from trusted sources, working with American farmers, manufacturers, scientists, and industry leaders.


Due to our strict testing and compliance under Federal Law, Unna Goods is 100% legal and can be sold and transported in all 50 states under Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill.